Terms of Reference for Web Developer

Title of the assignment: Web Developer
Brief description of the Assignment: The qualified web developer will be responsible for designing, coding and modifying the Guild’s website, from layout to function according to the specifications to be provided by the Guild. The winner will also develop web applications standards, infrastructure requirement and security benchmarking.
Department issuing the request: Editors Guild of Ethiopia
Place of assignment: Addis Ababa
Duration of the assignment: Two-month
Tentative Date of commencement: February 1, 2022
Deadline for applications: January 15, 2022

Applications to be submitted to the following online website address: editorsethiopia@gmial.com

1. Hiring Organization: Editors Guild of Ethiopia
Editors Guild of Ethiopia, a professional association that strives to help create a professional, responsible and independent media sector in Ethiopia. EGE is a non-governmental non for profit association devoted to advocate for free, independent and credible media industry with
high ethical and professional standards as well as enabling the public to exercise its rights and freedoms. EGE has taken its mark of establishment in October 29, 2019 via registering under the civil society organizations proclamation number 1113/2019 and coded as 4527.

Vision: – A free, independent and credible media industry with high ethical and professional standards, enabling the public to exercise its rights and freedoms

Mission: – Safeguarding media freedom and independence through continual improvement of the media environment in the country, while building and setting professional capacity and standard in the sector

Values: – Professional Integrity, impartiality, accountability and transparency

– To conduct effective advocacy work for the implementation of legal and policy reforms that would indirectly affect the constitutionally enshrined rights such as freedom of speech, information and assembly;
– To work for the creation and strengthening of free, independent and credible media sector in Ethiopia as it is the bedrock for a democratic society;
– To promote professionalism in the sector and enable ethical and professional journalists take up a more prominent role in the sector;
– To protect journalists and editors from undue pressure that might arise from various political and business interests;
– To leverage professional networks and collaborations with other media associations to protect journalists and editors from undue pressure and attack, including the provision of legal assistance and issuing statement of support;
– To build the capacity of journalists and editors through series of trainings and workshops, conduct research and sturdy that would benefit the sector and when necessary weighing in on professional ethics and code of conduct.

Therefore, EGE is prearranged to setup a new website which is expected to be helpful in achieving its goals and objectives imparted to the strategic plan and communication strategy. In this regard, below, all the comprehensive needs are provided.

Objectives of the Assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to closely work with Editors Guild of Ethiopia to develop a website. The Web Developer should work cross functionally with our association representatives to review the websites and web applications standards, infrastructure requirement and security benchmarking.

Duties and Responsibilities
– The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function according to the hiring organization and other functions/complex specifications.
– Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly and clear navigation
– Candidate must have strong understating of UI, cross browser compatibility, general web functions and standards.
– Ensure the communicativeness of the web-portal and make it user friendly;
– Provide training for EGE staff
– The position requires constant communications with EGE.
– Deep expertise and hands on experience with Web Application and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and APIs.
– Deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with web services REST, JSON and SOAP
– Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply for external/public hosted applications.

Technical requirements and features
– User-friendly and visually appealing (i.e. the web portal should not be complex and should have user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces
– The website should be easy to navigate
– Existence of audio and video features to make website more interactive
– Use of multiple languages to deliver information and services
– Use of a secure link (HTTPS) to transfer any information
– Website should be W3C compliant and bear the W3C compliant logo on Home Page
– Website should be WCAG 2.0 compliant and bear the WCAG compliant logo on Home Page
– Existence of features to measure customer satisfaction on various aspects
– Existence of e-Participation policy or e-Participation mission statement
– Existence of Calendar listing of upcoming e-Participation activities
– Existence of discussion forums
– Existence of chat rooms
– Existence of blogs
– Existence of web casts
– Facility to take visitor’s feedback using online polls and surveys
– Existence of published results of surveys
– Facility for visitors to comment on policies, laws etc,
– Existence of archived information of past e-Participation activities
– Facility to sign-up for or receive email alerts for e-participation activities
– Availability of RSS feeds for subscription
– Existence of user segmentation
– Facility to self-create personalized services
– Responsive to be correctly viewed on mobile devices and various platforms
– Existence of visitors personalizing the website (for example, through tagging) with own selection of options, content, functionalities, etc.
– Existence of visitors changing the visualization of website content and data in a number of different ways
– Existence of different sources of content and functionality available for visitors to create (‘mash-up’) their own content, functionalities or services
– Existence of different types of social networking tools (including text, audio and video communication) available to visitors to participate with other visitors and/or with ministry representatives.
– Search system
– Consistent, easy-to-use interface
– Availability of webinar facility
– Availability of e-mail system
– Availability of online membership application system
– Availability of EGE directories
– Availability of media center
– Transfer of all data and e-mail account from old sixties
– Alerts
– Digital dashboard
– Personalization
– Collaboration
– Facts & FAQs
– Download facility
– Social networking
– Archiving
– availability Search engine must be high
– Existence of Website links (Links to important partners)
– Information should be grouped and presented in a logical manner and require no more than three levels of “drill down” for the user to find the desired information
– The website should have a provision to convert and upload new information in user friendly and in role based security level
– The website should have a provision to convert and upload new information in user friendly and in role based security level
– The website would also have a search engine with index based search
– Existence News/magazine template: A customizable (CMS based) template which will be used to send weekly/monthly news to EGE members via e-mail
– Easy to be updated to create a content management system that will permit non- technical staff to update the web site content on specific pages easily and quickly
– The website would also have a search engine with index based search
– EGE Member’s individual login username and password to access their pages

Qualifications experience required
In general, the ideal candidates should have strong experience in Web Design, Development and Application management: The consultant/firm need to have prior experience in the web portal system development. Accordingly, the potential applicant should fulfill the following minimum qualifications and requirements:
– Applicant Consultants/firm must have at least MSC in Computer or Information Sciences.
– Good track records or experiences in website or portal design and development
– Ability to work in a team spirit.
– Relevant experience in the development of websites related to NGOs or International organizations working in the areas of development is preferably. e.g. NGO system
– Excellent knowledge of web page design and development and software’s installation
– Knowledge about EGE is advantageous
– Extensive knowledge and experience of website management making use of innovative technologies and applications;
– Specific and in-depth expertise in content management system.
– High competence and experience in delivering high quality communications through applying a range of communication technologies and including design, publishing and public relations.
– Experience in developing websites for Non-Profit Organizations or International Non- Governmental Organizations(NGOs)
– Feasibility of the organization in developing the required website
– Quality of the previous websites developed by the organization
– The consultant/firm should be able to provide reference information for three former or current clients
– The consultants are expected to list down five web site that has already been developed

– Requirement document
– Design document and The portal packages
– Source code (the Consultant/firm will provide the source code for the entire web portal developed for this website)
– Security (the organization would ensure that the site and database is secured and free from unauthorized access & hackers)
– The contractor will be required to submitted progress reports on monthly basis
– Project completion report (i.e. terminal report) upon completion of the website development activity
– The contractor will be expected to submit technical and financial proposals separately

Establishment of the short list:
A shortlist of three to six consultants will be established at the end of the request of expressions of interest. The consultants on the shortlist will be evaluated on the following criteria on the basis of their updated biding documents.

Qualifications relevant to the assignment = 30%
Experience in the area of the assignment as shown in understanding the ToRs = 50%
Experience in working with the sector. = 10%
Partnership and social communication approaches (10 points for bilingual candidates) = 10%

Editors Guild of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer. We afford equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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