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Service Contract for DW Akademie

Position: Researcher for situation analysis study on the culture of dialogues in Ethiopia (incl. interviews, desk study and analysis) – formative research
Project Name: Country Project Ethiopia  (Project: DAF22-ET130)
Location: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa (both remote and in person) in exchange with DW Akademie
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Availability: up to 20 days in total
Languages required: Amharic and English (mandatory) 
Expected starting date: May 1, 2022

DW Akademie (DWA) is Deutsche Welle’s center for international media development. As a strategic partner of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, DW Akademie carries out media development projects that strengthen the human right to freedom of opinion and promote free access to information. The country project Ethiopia cooperates with the Ethiopian Partner, Mersa Media Institute (MMI) in media development. Together, MMI and DWA will work in the strategic field of Innovation for Dialogue with the aim to develop and facilitate innovative dialogue formats.

To assess the past and current dialogue culture in Ethiopia, DWA is looking for a researcher to conduct a formative research study (situation analysis study). This research includes both interviews with relevant stakeholders and desk research. The overall objectives of the research are threefold:

  1. Assess Ethiopian stakeholders’ (NGOs and media) experiences with continuous dialogues, including formats used and engagement of media and the wider public.
  2. Assess stakeholders that are active in relevant thematic areas and/or in dialogue processes. 
  3. Analyze key aspects and success factors of dialogues in Ethiopia.

DWA and MMI will provide more detailed information on thematic areas in a thorough briefing. DWA and MMI foresee a close and regular exchange (weekly check-ins) with the researcher throughout the conduction of the research, to jointly assure good results, to adjust and elaborate the study’s focus as well as to monitor the progress.

Scope of work 
The applicant will have the following duties and responsibilities:  

  • Desk Research and interview preparation
    • Assess literature (scientific or press reports, NGOs or other organization’s website incl. reports) on existing and working continuous dialogues (that produced results, such as statements or other outcomes) in Ethiopia and compile list of selected and key dialogue processes;
    • Scout interview partners according to criteria given by DWA and MMI (in addition to list of interviewees provided): Civil society organizations, media, etc.;
    • Compile information on preconditions and structures, including traditional and cultural customs (such as iddir and iquib), with focus on their contribution to dialogues in Ethiopia etc.
    • After Kick-Off, prepare an inception document (incl. introduction, objectives, research questions, methodology, list of interviewees and the timeline of the study).
  • Interview conduction
    • Comment on and consolidate the existing (semi-structured) interview guide; 
    • Schedule, prepare, and conduct 15-20 in-person/phone interviews (duration of ca. 30mins – 1 hour each);
    • Short debrief with DWA and MMI after the first 2 interviews to clarify open questions and adjust interview guide (if necessary);
    • Possible conduction of follow-up interviews to elaborate findings on selected key patterns/topics from prior interviews (where applicable). 
  • Write-up of the study 
    • Assess and follow-up key interview findings and analyze success factors for impactful dialogues, 
    • Prepare the outline of situation analysis study and align with DWA and MMI; 
    • Prepare situation analysis study draft: Comprehensible write-up of desk research and interview findings, including summary of findings, stakeholder mapping and recommendations);
    • Final version of study incorporating comments from DWA and MMI (10-15 pages) excluding annexes (list of interviewees, literature list).
  • Joint debrief with DWA and MMI & short input / summary on the interviews during idea lab (optional).

Other duties and responsibilities beyond the ones mentioned above may be required during the conduction of the study. DWA and MMI are looking for a collaborative and co-creative working style that allows to further develop the study process jointly with the consultant. Maintaining regular communication (weekly check-ins) between all parties is crucial.


  • Inception document (3-pager incl. introduction, objectives, research questions, methodology, the timeline of the study, and as annex, list of interviewees);
  • Consolidated (semi-structured) interview guide;
  • Weekly check-ins (to communicate updated interview schedules, initial findings; to clarify questions);
  • Annotated outline of situation analysis study; 
  • Draft of situation analysis study: write-up of desk research and interview findings, including summary of findings, stakeholder mapping and recommendations);
  • Final version of study.

    Requirements and Qualifications 
  • University degree in communications, social science, journalism, or related fields and/or advanced work experience in these fields;
  • Extensive research experience and critical analytical skills (provide at least one work sample, such as a comparable study, report conducted in the past):
  • Experience in conceptualizing, conducting and analyzing semi-structured qualitative interviews; 
  • Extensive knowledge of Ethiopian civil society and media sector;
  • Confidentiality (contents cannot be explored in a journalistic way, published or shared – confidentiality clause); 
  • Non-partisan towards political, religious and ethnic groups;
  • Access to reliable internet connection. 

  • Good knowledge of dialogue processes and actors in Ethiopia;
  • Based in Addis Ababa;
  • Availability to give short input / summary on the interviews during idea lab.

The researcher’s fee should be inclusive of all related expenses, such as taxes, transportation to interviews and communication costs (internet, mobile phone), no additional expenses will be reimbursed by DWA.

Kindly send your application to akademie.ethiopia@dw.com. The following documents should be included:

  • Short cover letter;
  • CV;
  • Work sample(s);
  • Financial offer with researcher’s fee.

Deadline for all applications is March 24, 2022.
Germany, Bonn, March 10, 2022 

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