Terms of Reference for handbook author

Brief description of the Assignment: The incumbent will produce an internal and external organizational communication strategy as per the bylaw and strategic plan of EGE.
Department issuing the request: Editors Guild of Ethiopia
Place of assignment: Addis Ababa
Duration of the assignment: Two weeks
Tentative Date of commencement: February 1, 2022
Deadline for applications: January 15, 2022

Applications to be submitted to the following online website address:

Terms of Reference for handbook author

  1. Hiring Organization: Editors Guild of Ethiopia
    Editors Guild of Ethiopia, a professional association that strives to help create a professional,
    responsible and independent media sector in Ethiopia. EGE is a non-governmental non for
    profit association devoted to advocate for free, independent and credible media industry with
    high ethical and professional standards as well as enabling the public to exercise its rights and
    freedoms. EGE has taken its mark of establishment in October 29, 2019 via registering under
    the civil society organizations proclamation number 1113/2019 and coded as 4527.
    Vision: – A free, independent and credible media industry with high ethical and professional
    standards, enabling the public to exercise its rights and freedoms

Mission: – Safeguarding media freedom and independence through continual improvement of
the media environment in the country, while building and setting professional capacity and
standard in the sector
Values: – Professional Integrity, impartiality, accountability and transparency
– To conduct effective advocacy work for the implementation of legal and policy reforms
that would indirectly affect the constitutionally enshrined rights such as freedom of
speech, information and assembly;
– To work for the creation and strengthening of free, independent and credible media
sector in Ethiopia as it is the bedrock for a democratic society;
– To promote professionalism in the sector and enable ethical and professional journalists
take up a more prominent role in the sector;
– To protect journalists and editors from undue pressure that might arise from various
political and business interests;
– To leverage professional networks and collaborations with other media associations to
protect journalists and editors from undue pressure and attack, including the provision
of legal assistance and issuing statement of support;
– To build the capacity of journalists and editors through series of trainings and
workshops, conduct research and sturdy that would benefit the sector and when
necessary weighing in on professional ethics and code of conduct.

  1. Terms of Reference
    2.1. Development of a Communication Strategy for Editors Guild of Ethiopia (EGE)

    In this regard, to further strengthen the capacity of the association to fulfill its mandate, in
    particular that of awareness raising, advocacy and capacity building there is need to develop a
    Communication Strategy, which members, the executive committee and the employees of the
    Guild communicate internally and externally.

    2.2. Objectives of the Assignment
    The objectives of this assignment are twofold:

    1. Develop a communication strategy aimed to increase communication internally and
    with external bodies such as partners and media institutions.
    2. Design a strategy for the strong and frequent internal communication among guild
    leadership at various levels.
    3. Develop a communication strategy that looks into the goal, target, plan and channel of communication so that organizational objectives are easily met.
    4. Design communication materials targeting different audiences as identified in the strategy.

    2.3. Assignment Tasks
    Under the guidance of EGE, the specific tasks of this assignment include:
  1. Conduct a desk review of available data
  2. Conduct a baseline assessment to inform development of the communication strategy.
  3. Develop a communications strategy for EGE to enhance the awareness, understanding,
    and knowledge of the general public, of key stakeholders in the government, private
    sector, civil society, etc. at the national and local levels.
  4. Specify appropriate communication channels, dissemination methods and media such
    as video, print, web/online media, traditional media, and social media, among others, to
    effectively communicate key messages to specific stakeholders.
  5. Design a standard publication layout for EGE for use in future publications.
  6. Develop guide for all major communication issues to ensure consistent formats for
    publications and communication products.
  7. Conceptualize, design and develop Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
    materials with appropriate and relevant messages tailored for key stakeholders using
    various formats as appropriate such as text, graphics, imageries, info graphics, video,
    printed materials, etc.
  8. Develop a freewheeled implementation plan for the advocacy and communication
    strategy including the annual activities related to advocacy and communication.

    The company/consultants will work closely with EGE leadership to make the strategy inclusive
    and all rounded in all aspects.

2.4. Expected Deliverables
The following are the expected assignment deliverables:

  1. An inception report detailing the process of the development of the strategy.
  2. An outline of the communication strategy.
  3. A first draft of the communication Strategy and coasted implementation plan.
  4. Strategy validation workshop with the EGE’s leadership and incorporation of inputs.
  5. A final version of the Communication Strategy and coasted Action Plan, incorporating
    comments on the first draft.
  6. Draft communication materials to be validated by EGE and other key stakeholders.
  7. Design and production of IEC materials for various audiences such as imageries, infographics, printed materials, etc.
  1. Required Experience
    The company/consultant (s) should:
    – Demonstrate prior experience in developing a communication strategy, ideally in the
    media context.
    – Have a good understanding of media and communications in Ethiopia.
    – Have at least five (5) years of progressively advanced experience in strategic
    communications, media, public advocacy, which must include developing
    communications and advocacy strategies at the global, regional or national level.
    – Have relevant experience in working with government and/or international/local non-
    governmental organizations on consultancy assignments, especially in strategic
    communications planning.
    – Have experience in producing good communication and advocacy materials for use by
    – Have excellent proven written and spoken English/Amharic and strong oral and written
    communication skills.

Timing and duration
The duration of the assignment will be for 15 working days.

Deadline for proposal submission
Interested consultants should submit a detailed technical and financial proposal on the basis of
following points:

  1. A letter of interest stating why you are eligible for the assignment.
  2. A Technical and Financial proposal which should include a description of the proposed
    methodology to be used, a schedule of planned activities.
  3. Detailed budget including professional fee birr. For communication materials to be
    developed subsequent to the development of the strategy, an indication of unit costs
    should be provided.
  4. CV of the professional to undertake the assignment including a summary of similar
    assignments undertaken previously.
  5. At least 3 references of previous mandates.
  6. Samples of materials that have been produced as well as samples of Community
    Strategies developed.

Send Technical and Financial proposals to editorsethiopia@gmail.com no later than January 15,

Editors Guild of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer. We afford equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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