Job Title: Fact Checking Project Manager

Employment Type: fixed term Contract

Duration of Employment: 6 months 

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Deadline: March 15, 2021

Start Date: April 01, 2021

Organizational Profile: MERSA Media Institute is a nonprofit media policy think tank. We work to help create vibrant, responsible and independent media institutions, professional unions and education centers through research, capacity building and institutional support in Ethiopia. 

Position Summary: With the upcoming election and continued lack of fact checking mechanism in Ethiopia, MERSA Media Institute is working to support several media houses in developing fact checking structures. The fact checking project manager will be responsible for development of implementation plan, coordination and strategy to introduce organizational fact checking structures in several media houses. The fact checking desk will be housed at MERSA Media Institute, however, the fact checking project manager is required to coordinate and work closely with selected media houses and other regional and international partners to ensure the success of this initiative and make fact checking a sustainable structural element in Ethiopian media organizations.  

Major Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Manage the fact checking project of MERSA Media Institute 
  • Develop implementation plan, coordination and strategy to introduce organizational fact checking structure in several media houses.
  • Develop a plan on how fact checking can be sustained in the media houses following the end of the project in collaboration with the media viability consultant 
  • Plan and facilitate fact checking trainings
  • Coordinate with regional and international partner organizations. 
  • Document and report training results  
  • Perform any other related task as may be assigned

Required Qualifications:       

  • Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, media studies, or related fields with 2 or more years of professional experience 
  • Experience working in Ethiopian Media Sector 
  • Experience in writing and editing important documents, such as news briefs, etc. 
  • Strong research and critical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail and good quantitative skills 
  • Stakeholder and team management and communication skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Amharic, English and other local languages 

How to Apply: Prospectors please send your resume and cover letter to

MERSA Media Institute is an equal opportunity employer. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any type and afford equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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