Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: MERSA Media Institute handed over organizational documents to Editors Guild Ethiopia Board, December 8th, 2020. 

The handover ceremony commenced with an opening remark from the executive director of MERSA Media Institute (MMI), Henok Fente. Then, Fiker Tadesse, project manager of MMI described the work that was done in developing the six organizational documents for EGE. The organizational documents were a revised bylaw, a one-year strategic plan, human resources manual, financial resources manual, procurement of goods and services manual, and an organogram. Furhter, MMI team highlighted parts of the documents that require EGE’s input and suggested a way forward in approving the organizational documents through a vote. 

Mr. Fetehawek Wenedesen, board chairman of Editors Guild Ethiopia, expressed gratitude to MMI team and emphasized the significance of developing these documents for establishing EGE as a functioning organization. Further, he highlighted that these documents will be a stepping stone to kick-start  Editors Guild Ethiopia’s future egangements with several stakeholders. Another member of the Editors Guild Ethiopia present at the meeting, Fasika Tadesse, shared Mr. Feteh’s sentiments. 

After the official handover was completed, MMI Staff and EGE board members discussed on next steps. Based on these discussions, EGE board members decided to call another board meeting with the presence of MMI staff members on the next day. Further, they also decided to call a general assembly meeting a 10 days later in order to get approval on these documents. MMI staff pledged to provide logistical support in setting up the general assembly meeting for EGE using financial resources from institunal capacity building project supported by IMS/Fojo.

Last but not least, Soren XXX and Solomon Goshu from IMS/Fojo were present at this handover event. Both were stratified by the quality of the documents provided by MMI yet suggested EGE members, “the real customers”, should decide on how to move foreword. 

Overall, the handover event was concluded successfully and MMI believes the organizational documents have the potential to structure EGE as a functional organization, which can forge partnerships with donors and organizations for fture collaboraitons.  

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