To conclude this consecutive training and discussion that happened through the course of three weeks (which started on December 04); MERSA Media Institute organized the final two – days training and discussion session for media professionals from Addis Ababa, Adama and SNNPR on December 18 &19, 2021 in Adama, Ethiopia. The event started off with a presentation by Solomon Goshu; media law expert and the chairperson of the Media Law Working Group, on the drafting process, major departures from the previous legislation, the major provisions and structure of the proclamation and further discussed on the Draft Ethiopian Programming Code. Leading to further
discussion on the current media law and gaps that were assessed by the participants.

The afternoon session of December 18, 2021 consisted of a presentation from Mohammed Idris; the director of the Ethiopian Media Authority, presented on “The challenges of Media Regulation in Ethiopia”. The presentation on the challenges of media regulation ignited a heated discussion and questions and concerns were raised from the participants, which were addressed in length by Mohammed Idris.

On December 19, 2021 Gizaw Tesfaye; Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Media Authority presented on the policy direction on the Ethiopia Media and draft directives and led follow-up discussion on the policy direction. The directives presented were: Draft Community Broadcasting Directive, Draft Commercial Broadcasting Directive, Draft Public Broadcasting Directive, Draft Special Public Broadcasting Service Directive, Draft Online Media Directive, Draft Complaint Handling Directive, Draft Board Directive, Draft Periodicals Directive and Draft Subscription Broadcasting Directive. The presentation of the directives led to a fruitful discussion on the implementation effect they will have on the media law.

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