Mersa media inistitute

About Us

MERSA Media Institute is a nonprofit media policy think tank. We work to help create vibrant, responsible and independent media, professional unions and education centers through research, capacity building and institutional support in Ethiopia. We believe free and independent media are lifelines to the development of peaceful, prosperous, and democratic societies.

About us

Theory of change

MERSA Media Institute works to support objective journalism and strengthen media institutions to be self-governing, sustainable and committed to inform the public on issues that affect their lives. We value and work towards the development of professionals and institutions that have strong ethics and public interest, and are devoted to create accountable governance.

How we do that

We provide data-driven research to equip policy makers with information to help them make sound policy decisions in setting media regulatory frameworks and legal reforms. We build the capacity of journalists through training; conduct business sustainability studies for media houses; and help create and develop press councils, unions and codes of ethics.


Our media research and training partnerships are designed to create stable, peaceful and prosperous nations where diversity of views, identities and interests are respected and engrained in robust public discourse.

Mersa media inistitute

Our Experts

Our organization was  established in 2018 by experienced media practitioners, educators, researchers, and knowledge management experts who are passionate about the role of independent media in the development of informed citizens that are self-governing. Our staff and fellows have worked on several US government and other donor funded media capacity building trainings in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania. Our experts speak local Ethiopian languages and have extensive experience in journalism practice and training in Latin America, Africa and the US.

Our Team

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