Our Work

MERSA Media Institute has successfully implemented media research and training workshops in partnership with the British government, the European Journalism Center and cost-sharing projects with U.S. based Center for International Media Assistance, national and regional media in Ethiopia.

SW3 4LY, Developing Independent Media Associations in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities for New Reform (February–April 2019) MERSA Media Institute, in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, conducted a research project examining the role journalist associations play in the development of professional standards, regulatory mechanisms and advancement of free speech in Ethiopia. The study identified existing professional associations, legal and political restrictions limiting their functions, and their capacity to fulfil their civic duties.

MERSA Media Institute in partnership with the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) gathered a group of 20 stakeholders and experts in Ethiopia’s media sector to help outline a series of actions that should be taken over the next year to strengthen the current reform process, particularly by building space for dialogue and consultation around key institutions. The discussions led to a document highlighting recommendations that help ensure growth of independent and professional journalism and respond to the challenges of misinformation and hate speech in a manner that safeguards freedom of expression.

MERSA Media Institute held a two-week media training workshop in Addis Ababa for journalists that work at Addis Fortune—the largest circulating weekly business newspaper in Ethiopia. The workshop focused on business and economic reporting.The lead trainer for the project, Henok Fente, designed the curriculum and implemented the workshop in collaboration with Addis Fortune’s in-house training wing; and the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, which provided assistance in technology and the training venue. Participants received practical reporting and writing trainings. They were introduced to the functions and legal responsibilities of financial institutions in Ethiopia to help enhance their understanding of beat reporting and reporting on national issues. 

Reporting on Regional and National Economies (October 2018, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)

MERSA Media Institute believes it is essential to invest in capacity building initiatives that help journalists gain new and practical skills of reporting in order to make a meaningful contribution to democratic progress in Ethiopia. In October 2018, our organization in collaboration with Amhara Mass Media Agency and the Amhara Regional State conducted a workshop focused on reporting on regional and national economies. The two-day workshop was attended by hundreds of journalists, editors and media managers in Bahir Dar. Breakout sessions with the regional broadcaster’s young social media team and radio reporters focused on incorporating new technology for news reporting and publishing in the digital and social media spheres. Media managers participated in workshops highlighting the fundamentals of social media strategy, impact measurement and analytics, as well as brand development and recognition.